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Database Management
Main Objective
The objective of this course is to
introduce the basics of database
management and then to introduce
their practical use in design.
Learning Outcome
At the end of the course the student
will be able to:
Discuss the evolution of database system
Basically identifying the entities, attributes
and their relationships
Creating the conceptual data models using
the E_R model
Learning Outcome
Designing a database using a relational
database management system (RDBMS).
Know how to use normalization to improve
relational design
Discuss about concurrency control and
recovery , transaction management.
Providing knowledge about distributed
Assessment of this cause will involve:
assignment which will constitute:
Two tests:
A project weighed 20 marks of which 10 marks
for presentation
Test 1 will weigh 20 marks
Test 2 will weigh 20 marks
A total of 60 Marks will be given for
Course Work assessment.
Test 1 will be 7th August 2009.
Test 2 will be 13th August 2009.
Assignment submission will be Tuesday
of 2nd Week.
Presentation will be done on Friday of
2nd Week.
Recommended Readings
Henry F. Korth & Abraham Silberschatz,
“ Database System Concepts”, 3rd
Edition ,McGraw-Hill; 1991
Elmasri, R. and Navathe, S.,
” Fundamentals of Database Systems”
Addison-Wesley, 2000.
Final exam will carry 40 marks.