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Chapter 1: Review Questions
Marks: 20 marks
Due date: Sep 23, 2014
Note: Read your notes, textbooks, power point and complete this sheet. Your
answers should be in full sentences. Answer questions on separate sheet.
Q1. Describe four characteristics of living things?
Q2. What are different needs of living things?
Q3. How living things fulfill their needs?
Q4. What is the difference between unicellular and multicellular living things? Give
Q5. Define stimulus and provide an example.
Q6. Define: organism, cell,
Q7. How living things grow?
Q8. Describe the process plants used to make their food.
Q9. Define diversity.
Ans: Diversity is the variety and variability among living organisms
Q10. How living things are diverse? Give two examples.
Q11. How will you differentiate between living and non-living things?
Q12. Write the life characteristic or needs referred to in the statement (5 marks)
1. An earthworm turns away from light
2. A bean seed produces a bean plant
3. A dolphin comes to surface.
4. A green plant grows in the direction of sunlight.
5. A caterpillar eats the leaves of a plant.
6. A bear hibernates when it is cold.
7. Cats mate and produce kittens.
8. A runner becomes hot during a race.
9. A cottontail rabbit may live for eight years.
10. Fireflies produce flashes of light.