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Title: Deconvolution fluorescence microscopy of yeast cells
Author: Tomáš Štec
Department: Institute of Physics of Charles University
Supervisor: prof. RNDr. Jarmoír Plášek, CSc., Institute of Physics of Charles University
Abstract: Fluorescence microscopy presents an fast and cheap alternative to more
advanced imaging methods like confocal and electron microscopy, even though it
is subject to heavy image distortion. It is possible to recover most of the original
distortion-free image using deconvolution in computer image processing. This allows reconstruction of 3D structure of studied objects. Deconvolution procedure of
NIS Elements AR program undergoes an thorough inspection in this diploma thesis. It is then applied on restoration of 3D structure of calcofluor stained cell wall of
budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Changes of the structure of the cell wall
during cell ageing are being examined. Cell wall of aged cells shows increased surface
roughness and even ruptures at the end of cell life.
Keywords: fluorescence, microscopy, deconvolution, NIS Elements AR, calcofluor,
yeast, cell wall, ageing