Download There are 180,000 of these per square cm in this photograph

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There are 180,000 of these per square cm in
this photograph
What type of microscopy was used for this
1,000,000,000X magnification on a Si surface?
Scanning Tunneling
What are these dendritic structures?
Tin Crystals
Much of the Internet travels over material such
as this. What is it?
Optic Fiber
What are these highly magnified bands from?
Magnetic Tape
What do the colors show at the ends of this
crack in a plastic sheet?
Stress marks. Illustrated with
polarized light.
What important substance is made in these
What mountain range
is this peak in?
The Cascades
What kind of tissue is this from?
Plant meristematic tissue
Explain the reason for the coloration of the
Red light refracts the most and is visible the
longest after sunset.
How long was the lens kept open for this
Approximately 40 minutes
Which direction is the Sun?
Out of view below the picture
What caused the line that goes from top to
What causes this activity?
Superheating of water
What is responsible for the yellow color?
Thermophilic bacteria
Photo Credits
Images 1-7 : IBM
Others: Norm Herr