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Global Climate Change
What is Climate?
• The weather conditions, such as temperature and precipitation,
over an extended period of time.
What is Global Climate Change?
• Climate change includes:
• Changing temperature (GLOBAL WARMING) and
precipitation patterns
• Increases in ocean temperatures, sea level, and acidity
• Melting of glaciers and sea ice
• Changes in the frequency, intensity, and duration of extreme
weather events, like hurricanes
• Shifts in ecosystem characteristics, like the length of the
growing season, and migration changes
• Increasing threats to human health
Causes of Global Warming
Global Climate Change– Nobody’s Fault?
Or Everyone’s Fault?
• According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
• Anthropogenic (HUMAN CAUSED) greenhouse gas
emissions, driven largely by economic and population
growth, and are now higher than ever. Their effects, together
with those of other anthropogenic drivers, have been detected
throughout the climate system and are extremely likely to
have been the dominant cause of the observed warming
since the mid-20th century.
Major Greenhouse Gases and Sources
• According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):
• Most human emitted greenhouse gases are from, “burning fossil fuels
for heat and energy, clearing forests, fertilizing crops, storing waste in
landfills, raising livestock, and producing some kinds of industrial
Impacts of Global Warming
• More Images
A Potential Future?
Mitigating Global Warming
• Reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions
• Renewable Energy Choices
• Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Hydro, Biomass….
• Reforestation
• Carbon Sequestration
Dream On …
• US Regulations Combating Climate Change
• Clean Power Plan
• EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Vehicle Regulations
• International Cooperation
• Kyoto Protocol
• 2015 Paris Agreement
How can I help?
• Everyone talks about efficiency and conservation
When we reduce food that is thrown out we reduce
greenhouse gas emissions.
• How much can we help the Earth? Check out the
Meeting human needs,
without destroying
the environment and our future!
• President Obama’s 2015 Executive Order -- Planning for
Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade – Seeks To
Clean Renewable Energy Sources
Clean Water
Waste and Pollution Prevention
According to the World Bank:
•“Climate change hits the poorest people the hardest... As
the effects of climate change worsen, escaping poverty
becomes more difficult.”
Poverty isn’t just in other countries…
Great Videos on Climate Change