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K-12 AZ Science Education Standards
Middle School
High School
Describe the composition
and interactions between
the structure of the Earth
and its atmosphere.
Understand the processes
acting on the Earth and their
interaction with the Earth
Understand the relationships
between the Earth’s land
masses, oceans, and
characteristics of weather
conditions and climate.
Explain the causes and/or
effects of climate changes over
long periods of time (e.g.,
glaciation, desertification, solar
activity, greenhouse effect).
Investigate the effects of acid
rain, smoke, volcanic dust,
urban development, and
greenhouse gases, on climate
change over various periods of
Next Generation Science Standards
Living things need water,
air, and resources from
the land, and they live in
places that have the
things they need.
Humans use natural
resources for everything
they do.
Energy and fuels
humans use are
derived from natural
sources and their use
affects the
environment. Some
resources are
renewable over time,
others are not.
Humans depend on
Earth’s land, ocean,
atmosphere, and
biosphere for different
resources, many of
which are limited or
not renewable.
Resource availability
has guided the
development of human
society and use of
natural resources has
associated costs, risks,
and benefits.
Human activities affect
global warming.
Decisions to reduce the
impact of global
warming depend on
understanding climate
science, engineering
capabilities, and social
Global climate models
used to predict
changes continue to be
improved, although
discoveries about the
global climate system
are ongoing and
continually needed.
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