Download Study Guide for 2nd Semester Final Spring 2011

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Study Guide for 2nd Semester Final
Spring 2011
1. Are humans herbivores, carnivores or omnivores?
2. What does the kilo calorie tell us?
3. why are micronutrients needed for?
4. how many amino acids do we acquire from food?
5. what is malnutrition?
6. why did the green revolution fail to help poor farmers?
7. what impact has increased harvesting of ocean fish had?
8. what is aquaculture?
9. what is monoculture?
10. how does modern agribusiness compare to farms 100 years ago?
11. what is a cash crop?
12. what does food security mean?
1. What energy fuels all life on earth?
2. What is the chemical formula for a hydrocarbon?
3. Be able to list and describe one fossil fuel and two alternative fuels and their
environmental impacts
4. what are the causes of exposure to radiation?
5. Where does geothermal energy work best?
6. when did energy use begin to increase exponentially?
7. What problem could be solved by using garbage as a biomass fuel?
8. What type of energy is the sun’s energy?
1. What is another name for zone of saturation?
2. What is overdraft? What is happening on Ogallala Aquifer?
3. What is desalination?
4. how is harmful bacteria removed from water during water purification?
5. what is added to water to prevent tooth decay?
6. what does unpotable mean?
7. what percentage of water on Earth is fresh water?
8. of the freshwater, what percent is accessible?
9. How many people on the planet do not have access to safe drinking water?
10. when did congress enact the clean water act? Why is the clean water act
11. who enforces the clean water act?
12. be able to label the surface water , saturated zone, unsaturated zone, water table
and the unconfined aquifer in a diagram.
13. what is a watershed?
Climate Change/Global Warming
1. how does ozone help life on earth?
2. What is the most significant greenhouse gas emitted in large quantities by
3. What is the greenhouse effect?
4. how are greenhouse gases reduced?
5. over the last 150 years, how have the levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide
6. as a result of global warming, what will happen to most coastal areas?
7. What are some ways to decrease air pollution?
8. how do carbon dioxide levels affect temperatures on earth’s surface?
9. what are the greenhouse gases?
10. what are sources of carbon sinks?
You will also be asked to write a short essay explaining how everything is connected to
everything else, giving 5 examples and describing one in detail.