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IB Biology HL: Eukaryotic Cells
Use any resource you want (text or internet) to do the following worksheet. Your drawing must follow
IB drawing rules. Your annotations of functions should not be included on the drawing but put
underneath or on another piece of paper. The description of the organelle functions should be brief –
not to exceed 10 words.
1. Draw and label a diagram of the ultrastructure of an exocrine gland cell of the pancreas as an
example of an animal cell and a palisade mesophyll cell of the leaf. Structures should include:
 Nucleus
 Plasma membrane (enclosing cytoplasm)
 80S Ribosomes
 Mitochondria
 Rough endoplasmic reticulum
 Golgi apparatus
 Lysozyme
 Microvilli
 Cell wall (if applicable)
2. Annotate the diagram with the functions of each named structure.
3. Identify structures in electron micrographs of liver cells.
Above images (left and right) provide more
examples of structures to identify.
Below image – how many structures can
you identify (at least 4). Can you find the
golgi apparatus? Not sure if I can, so help
me out!
Above images - circle the golgi apparatus