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Plant Cells: Cells With Walls
1. There are ______ main groups that all cells can be put into.
A. fifty
B. two
C. five
D. seven
2. Which of these is NOT a plant?
A. a mushroom
B. a tree
C. moss
D. grass
3. Name two things that make plant cells different from animal cells?
Plant cells have cell membranes. Plant cells have chloroplasts to make energy from the sun. Plant cells
have larger vacuoles than animal cells. (Any two.)
4. The job of the ______ is to hold all of the parts of a cell together.
A. cell wall
B. vacuole
C. Golgi apparatus
D. cell membrane
5. The ______ holds the cell's DNA.
6. ______ give plants their green color.
A. The cell wall
B. Chloroplasts
C. Vacuoles
D. The Golgi apparatus