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Cell Factory Directions
Your goal is to design a “Factory” that represents the processes and organelles of a
cell. A cell is designed to produce proteins. Your factory should produce some
product too. Each part of the cell must be represented by the correct part of a
factory and explain HOW your factory part functions like a cell part.
Presentation and project will count towards points in test/project category.
Groups of 2
Turn in one cell factory analogy on a poster piece of paper
o Using most of the poster to draw your cell factory analogy.
o Using colored pencils, draw in the organelles that represent your cell parts
o Label them with both their factory analogy name and in parenthesis-their
cell part name.
Example: -Office of Manager (nucleus)
Also on your paper should be the names of group members and Period
One neatly printed filled-in explanation sheet stapled to one corner (this is going
to prove to me that you “get it” better than all the pretty drawings.
Best one from each period judged by two other biology teachers will get 2 extra pts on
the project and be put up in the hall.
Caution: you can’t choose a school, hospital, restaurant, or other business that
provides services but not a PRODUCT.