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by Amy McMillan
What causes climate change?
What causes climate change is when the weather changes quickly.
Or all the CO2 raps all around the world and acts like a big blanket
and stops all the sun light getting to the world and it bounces off
the CO2 and makes it too cold or too hot causes the Antarctic to
melt or for New Zealand to be too cold.
What questions I would liked to be answered
Is it to late too do anything about climate
Is the hole in the ozone layer related to the
climate change we are seeing?
Do emissions of carbon dioxide from human
activities have a big impact on the earth’s
The Answers
It is not too late to have a significant impact on the
future climate change and its affect on us.
2. The ozone hole and climate change are
essentially two separate issues. The “ozone hole”
refers to the destruction of a layer of ozone
molecules found high in earths atmosphere.
plants, oceans, and soil release and absorb large
quantities of carbon dioxide of the part earths
natural carbon cycle.
Images of climate change affects
What are the impacts of climate
change on NZ and the rest of the
In New Zealand likely climate change impacts includes
• High temperatures, more in north than south
• Rising sea levels
• More frequently extreme weather
• A change of rain fall more in west less in east
These will result in positive and negative
Images of thing you can do and animals it
affects plats even people and plants
Climate change is happening right know when you use
• A car
• A plane
• A factory
• A bus
• A Train
We all need to STOP this before it kills us or all our pets food even TREES!!!!!
Here are ways we can STOP climate change from getting worse
1) Don’t travel in a car so much
2) Ride a bike more
3) Use public tranceport
Thank you for watching my climate
change power point