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Current research
How well do we understand the atmospheric effects of climate change and their impact on O3
(H2O, T, circuln, clouds,ppn)?
– How robust is the water vapour increase?
Which natural emission changes can we realistically model? (lightning, biomass burning,
Is atmospheric variability (El Niño,…) an analogy for climate change?
Should we be trying to decrease or increase the uncertainty in the ozone forcing predictions?
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Future plans
How useful is the strat-trop separation - should we be moving to whole atmosphere models?
Are the SRES emission scenarios adequate for ozone modelling?
How important is it to model the past correctly (1860’s or 1960’s)?
– Are the emissions, stratospheric ozone good enough?
Model/measurement intercomparisons: should we intercompare processes/budgets rather than
What are we missing?
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