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Topic 7 vocabulary
Carrying capacity– total # of organisms
an area can hold
Deforestation– cutting down of all of
the trees
Direct harvesting-- the destruction
or removal or an organism from its
Energy flow– the movement of energy
through an ecosystem
Fossil fuel– fuel that comes from the
remains of organisms that lived millions
of years ago. (gas, oil, coal, natural gas)
Global warming– increase in temperatures
on earth caused by greenhouse gasses
Industrialization– large scale manufacturing
becomes primary economic base
Nonrenewable resources– resources
that take more than 50 years to replace,
or can never be replaced. (oil, coal)
Nuclear fuel– energy source that comes
from splitting atoms
Ozone shield—layer of ozone gass that
protects earth from some of the sun’s
Pollution—anything that changes the
chemical makeup of the air, water or
Renewable resources—Earths resources
that can be replaced in 50 years or less.
(plants, wind ,solar)
Technology– practical scientific
knowledge that is used to meet human
Trade off– exchange or agreement
made to reach a compromise
Water cycle—process that water is
moved from the earth to the air and