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The Environment
Ms. Dennis & Mr. Patten
Participation in Government
The Basics
• The way Americans produce and consume energy
is not sustainable.
• Addiction to foreign oil places the U.S. economy,
environment and national security at risk.
– Import 11 million barrels of oil a day into the U.S.
– Use of natural gas and biofuels, increase fuel
• President Obama is currently working to pass
new legislation to protect our nation from the
economic and strategic risks associated with
using foreign oil.
The American Recovery Act
• Push toward investments in the development
of renewable energy and clean technologies,
high speed rail and advanced car batteries
that will improve transportation.
• Investments in a smart electric grid and
energy efficient homes, offices, and
appliances will reduce our overall energy
consumption as a nation.
Clean Energy Environment
• Today, we export billions of dollars each year
to import the energy we need to power our
• The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
included $80 Billion in the generation of
renewable energy sources, clean energy
technology, new vehicle and fuel technologies,
better electric grid, all while creating new
Clean Energy Environment
• May 2009: first joint fuel
economy/greenhouse gas emissions standards
for cars and trucks
Climate Change
• U.S. will catalogue greenhouse emissions
sources – important step towards reduction
• Increase research to better understand
climate change and its impact
Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future
• Develop and Secure America’s Energy
– Deploy American assets, innovation, and
technology so that we can safely and responsibly
develop more energy here at home and be a
leader in the global energy economy.
– Provide consumers with choices to reduce costs
and save energy
• More affordable gas, more fuel efficient vehicles