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• Who are we?
A BBC comedy show?
• No
• Although we do make ourselves laugh
In fact – we’re an Advertising
Established in 2001
Owned by Universities (UAG)
Working for the Education sector
Marketing communications for both Staff and
Student Recruitment (Courses)
• Single location
Full Service Agency
Advertising Strategy
Copywriting (just editing or full)
Designs for advertisements
Media planning and buying/negotiation
Web marketing
Literature design and production, Print Buying e.g.
• Work processed via Online Management system
Staff Recruitment team
Student Recruitment team
All experienced
Primary contact (no.1) and Secondary contact (no.2)
Dedicated friendly and responsive service
Same procedures in principle for both Staff and
Student Recruitment
The ‘System’ we use
• Orders are raised by Client via logging onto our website
(not always for Student advertising)
• This is flagged up to us for processing
• Text, media info/sizes, required date etc., into Studio
• CSE proof-reads with partner
• Proof and costings with ad to Client
• Amends, if any, back to Studio; final approval
• Hi-res pdf produced, despatched to media
• During the process dialogue with Client