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Recruitment and Training
Choosing the Right Team Mates
• It is not an easy task of finding the
“right” person to fill a position
• Companies use recruitment (the
process of finding candidates to fill
job openings).
• This is one of the main functions of
the H/R department.
Costs Associated with Hiring A New Employee
• Recruiting (Advertising, Reviewing
Resumes and Applications, etc.)
• Interviewing
• Hiring (printing name/security badges,
running background checks, drug testing,
• Training (Books and Materials)
• Reduced productivity (Salaries for those
who have to stop their typical day to day
responsibilities to perform all of the
above functions)
Ways to Recruit
• Newspaper or Magazine Ads
• Company Websites
• Internet websites (Monster, eBay, Google,
CraigsList, etc.)
• Host or attend career fairs
• List with a temporary agency
• Hire an executive search firm
• Visit colleges and post-secondary schools
Pick Your Team
Who would you select for the position of Sales
Associate for your busy retail shop?
1. Polly WannaJob
2. Chase AwayTheBlues
• Now that you have chosen your new
staff member, it is time to train them.
• Training is when people are taught
how to do their job
– On-the-job training occurs while learning
the job
– Secondary & post-secondary training is
done in high school, college, or through
a certificate program
More Training
– Apprenticeships are when you learn a skill or trade
from a highly trained professional
– Continuing education (or professional
development) is when professionals take courses
to keep current with changes in their industry
Successful professionals understand that
learning Should not stop. It is a continuous
Maintaining Quality Employees
• If a company does not treat their
employees and co-workers fairly, they
will leave and find other employment.
•They would now have to recruit, select,
and train the next person that is hired,
which is a very costly process.