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Carter Cleaning case Chapter 1-10
Two problems as of right now:
1.First of the company fails to communicate with their company employee. When hiring
a new employee it is crucial that the employer describes the goals for the company and
trains the employee to meet those expectations put in place. I would ensure that who
ever is in charge of staffing is ready and designed to be able to target the right
employees and to define the skills needed for this position. We can tend to see
situations like this with more capital oriented companies.
2. Staying on that subject of hiring and training, a company can’t keep wasting time hiring
employees just to fire them or have them quit because they did not meet or understand the
requirements for the job. Implementing a hiring process aswell as a strict training program can
help employees and employers when its come training time. During this period is when
employees are starting to figure out if they like the job or if they dislike it. Employers can come
to find out if they hired the right person with the right set of skills or not. Many companies
struggle with this process so its essential to make sure to give employees the proper training
and time and to make sure managers are properly trained to shadow their employee. Employee
selection and Training should be re-looked at. “Because i didn’t know it was my job” is not what
you want to hear from your employees.
Two future problems:
1. This is a current but also future problem and that’s salary and benefits. Working at a
laundromat is no one’s dream job but it pays the bills. 15$ for a job that even the owner says is
no fun isn’t very attractive to many people. By not changing or adding benefits to this job will
leave many employees being hired then quitting because they don’t feel as though it’s worth
there time. This often leads to turnover and leaves the company with a tough time trying to hire
new employees, no employees will keep working for a company after constantly being
dissatisfied or working in an unorganized situation.
2. Labor and Job availability
2.a First of all I would want to make work more enjoyable and beneficial for the employees. I’m
a firm believer it work hard and you will get rewarded so I would implement a raze every year for
returning employees. By doing this hopefully I can reduce the number of employees who quit
and give them something to look forward too every year. I find especially that having a diverse
culture and diverse environment will help bring in more customers and new faces to the
laundromat business. To do that I would develop an adaptive work culture. Things are working
for us right now so a little change won’t hurt at all. I would re-evaluate the whole company and
see what we can change. Perhaps our hours to better meet the needs of customers, or perhaps
hire someone as a body to walk around and help customers with any service required.
b. Third of all I would definitely implement a recruitment policy. After reading this case it’s pretty
obvious that this company is struglling to hire and keep employees on the pay role. Having a
strict recruitment policy to follow would help us hire people with the skills for the job and also
help the job candidate know a little bit better about what he will be doing for this job. We wanna
turn from hiring every couple weeks to having a good consistency with our employees.
c. Not really a policy but a position i think would benefit Carter Cleaning centres is a supervisor.
Every company needs someone in charge leading them everyday. We need someone who
makes sure every task is getting done and that employees are doing the minimum required. A
store supervisor should always benefit a business, in this case they can motivate and
encourage fellow employees, developing new ideas or promotions for the store and even
helping out with my other point about hiring and training staff it’s always good to have someone
whom knows what there doing around.
3. First of Jennifer should start with a job analysis of Carter Cleaning centre. She should try and
gather as much information as she can about the job so the employee in question will be
reassured on what he will be doing. Secondly you wanna gather and mention all information
regarding tools, behaviours, context, description, machinery, skills etc. This way they are
informed about every aspect of the job. Jeniffer can try speaking to another employer in a
similar situation to her, experience is one of the greatest skills there is so learning and getting a
good idea from someone experienced is a great starting point. She can try doing questionnaires
and ask fellow employers how they developed there procedures to get an idea how to do it for
her company. Just observing and watching another professional can help you pick up and notice
certain things they do regularly i would recommend her to shadow another individual. Many old
employees and new ones would have old logs, diaries and journals laying around to keep notes
and tabs on employees, i would look through those and see if theres anything valuable that
could be used for my company.
4. Yes Jennifer should implement an interview Training program for her workers. She needs to
properly inform her candidates about all the risk concerning health and safety as well as comon
things such as job description and skills neccesary to succed at this Position. Having a
structured recruitment process would be easy to make sure every candidate is getting the same
questions and making it easier to match the candidate to the job description.