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I: How do you help people to find the right job?
CO: As a specialist recruiter (3), our role is to assist (4) job seekers
in finding the perfect role (5) for them. Er, we do that predominantly
via our network (6) of offices globally. Er, candidate (7) will have
the opportunity to come in, meet with a Hays consultant (8) and the
Hays consultant will work with them to gain (9) an understanding of
what type of role they’re looking for, what type organisation (10)
they would like to work for, and really anything else that they feel is
appropriate (11) for them finding the right role for them. In addition,
we’ll also work with them on how they present (12) themselves –
your CV (13), for example. We will work through a CV, perhaps v
give tips (14) and hints as to how best to present (15) that, so that the
candidate has the best possible opportunity(16) of being represented
in the right way to the client. We also use our website
(17), which is a jobseeker (18)’s website. Candidates can apply (19)
online for roles that we advertise – um, they will also have the
opportunity (20) to get advice from that website, as well as to how
they should structure (21) their application. There’s quite often more
information about prospective (22) employer(s) on there so that you
can really see, straight from the website, what type of role is best for
I: What recent changes have you noticed in the job (1) market?
CO: I think probably the most unique (2) change in the job market,
in the - most recently, is the intervention (3) of online recruitment (4)
and web-based recruitment and websites. For us as a global business
(5), it means that we can truly act in that way – we can recruit roles
from the U.K that are based wherever, equally we can recruit roles
from India that are based wherever. It also means that the candidate
(6) or job seekers do have a huge amount of choice (7). You can go
onto your website at home, sitting at home, and look at roles and
jobs that are advertised (8) globally, worldwide, so it’s an absolutely
unique opportunity (9) for both candidates and employers (10).
Equally, um, in terms of the recruitment (11) market, we have seen
in the last years… few years, a development in the need for interim
(12) employees and temporary (13) employees. Lots of organizations
now are going through periods of change, and I think it’s an
accepted (14) fact that organizations will continue to go through
change (15), and quite often, specialist people will need to be
brought in our project (16) bases, to undertake specific projects in
areas such as IT, human resources,… project management generally
will be very sought after.
----------------------EXERCISE C:
From the point of view of the actual vacancy, we would always
recommend(1) that you look at the duties(2) within that vacancy and
have a think about where in your previous(3) experience you might
be able to demonstrate(4) your ability to do that job.