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What should you look for in a Recruitment Agency?
A recent survey concluded that 89% of Hiring Managers are unsure whether they are working with the most suitable recruitment
company for their recruitment needs, 64% are not confident that their recruitment partner was promoting their business positively
and 75% are concerned that their recruitment agency did not have access to the best candidates available in the market place.
(Vanilla Recruitment)
Whether an Employer or a Candidate, you should consider the following A good Agency will have met with the client to fully understand their needs and become fully conversant with the company’s culture
and any outstanding issues
The Agency should interview every shortlisted candidate to ensure that only suitably qualified candidates are submitted and who
will fit in with the with the company culture. Clients should only receive 3/4 profiles of candidates who meet their criteria and not a
large number of candidate profiles, many of whom would be unsuitable for the role
Agencies who understand the business will attract the best people, filter unsuitable applications and submit only a limited number
of suitable candidates
The Agency must have credibility with job seekers, who otherwise won’t even consider the position which is advertised
Be confident the Agency specialises in the specific area of expertise of the vacancy or the position being sought
Beware Agencies which play the numbers game, who have not interviewed candidates and have no proper understanding of the
client needs
Beware an Agency which sends unsolicited CVs or CVs of candidates who have not been advised that their details have been
submitted. Both of these actions are unethical and illegal, contravening Employment Law and Data Protection.
Consider how the Recruitment Agency reflects on your business or presents you as a candidate
If a candidate is selected for interview, they should be well prepared by the Agency so at the interview there will be a meaningful
discussion about the role, the candidate’s suitability and how they will fit into the company culture
The Consultant should be contactable, keep both client and candidate advised throughout the process and manage the interview
and appointment process on behalf of both parties
Clients are paying for a professional service and should choose a Recruitment Agency for its integrity, for understanding their
business needs and which treats both clients and candidates with respect.
Discretion is ensured where the vacancy is sensitive and is not for public consumption
Ensure the Agency will give the client an agreed money back guarantee if the candidate leaves within an agreed period
A good Agency will create long-term relationships with both clients and candidates, some of whom will themselves become clients.
A successful partnership is one in which the Agency achieves results for both candidate and client and above all where the
successful candidate makes a valuable contribution to the company, has continuous employment and does not leave after a short
period of time because he/she was not suited to the role/company