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Unit 11
Lesson 2
DNA Fingerprinting
•Gel electrophoresis: a process used to separate
DNA fragments of an organism. (Electro= using
•Phoresis= to move across) Electricity is used to
move the DNA across or through a gel.
• DNA Fingerprinting is used to solve crime scenes
and in determining the parents of a child (paternity
DNA Fingerprinting (continued)
DNA can be used like fingerprints to identify
a person.
Any cell or fluid can be analyzed (blood,
hair, skin, fingernail, urine, etc)
Used in paternity tests to determine the
mother or father of a child.
Gel Electrophoresis
Gel Electrophoresis
1. Enzymes cut DNA samples
2. The cut DNA samples are placed in a gel
3. An electric voltage moves the DNA fragments across
the gel
4. The smaller pieces of DNA travel the fastest
5. A trail is left for each sample.
6. The trail can be matched to determine if someone is
guilty of a crime.
Gel Electrophoresis Go to the underlined link and click
play. You will be able to complete a simulation of
Gel Electrophoresis
Picture of DNA Fingerprint
Who is the
The DNA from
the scene
matches Dino
Online Images. Access Excellence. 13 May 2007.