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The Sibiu speech understanding test
Popescu R. , Hellmuth-Zweyer U.
University Lucian Blaga, Pshychology, Sibiu, Romania, 2Medel, Innsbruck, Austria
Introduction: It is the first and, so far, the only test developed in Romania to evaluate speech understanding in 2
- 6 year old CI users
Materials: The Sibiu Speech Understanding Test is available on CD (female and male voice) and it consists of 2
lists of 10 monosyllabic words each, 2 lists of 10 disyllabic words each (in total 40 words), plus 1 list of 50
monosyllabic and disyllabic words (the first 40 words plus 10 new disyllabic words).
Also, every word list contains images corresponding to each word: if the child is not yet able to speak properly,
he can show the image and the evaluator can be sure the child understood correctly or not the word he heard.
To assess the difficulty of the lists, 60 normal hearing subjects with the same age were tested for validation.
For the purpose of evaluating speech understanding in noise, noise with a speech shaped spectrum was
recorded along with the spoken lists for the female voice.
Result: Test results of more than 200 children, all MED-EL CI users show high scores of performance. This test
can be used by either the rehabilitation specialist but also the parents of implanted children (3 videos).
Conclusion: The test is an important tool for the evaluation of the performance of pediatric CI users with the
focus on 'speech understanding in everyday life”