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Surgical experience with BAHA Attract
Skarzynski H. , Mrowka M. , Skarzynski P.H.
, Olszewski L. , Ratuszniak A.
Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing, Word Hearing Center, Warsaw, Poland, 2Medical University of Warsaw, Ophthalmic
Diagnostics and Rehabilitation and Sensory Organs Department, Warsaw, Poland, 3Institute of Sensory Organs, Kajetany, Poland
The aim of the study was to asses surgical procedure with BAHA Attract as well as audiological feedback. The
recommended cut is U cat with distance from 15 to 20 mm from magnet plate. That procedure was used in 8
patients. The group consists of 10 patents implanted in 2013. We modified surgical approach due to possibilities
of lack of feel in skin area after surgery for more conservative, It doesn't influence for audiological results. It as
well allows to make less bleeding during surgery. Baha Attract is recommended in surgeries with lack of space in
mastoid due to congential malformation or anatomic conditions. It gives a little less audiological feedback that
standard BAHA, but it is preferable by patients from cosmetic point of view.