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Intraoperative monitoring in cochlear implantation for hearing preservation
Mandalà M. , Trabalzini F.
Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Senese, Siena, Italy
Intraoperative monitoring during cochlear implant surgery may provide the surgeon with online feed-back to
modify surgery and reduce the trauma for increased preservation of residual hearing. Furthermore, it can intraoperatively monitor the extent of the damage to the residual hearing function with different electrodes and
surgical strategies. We present data obtained with a new technique from adult patients who underwent CI with
pre-operative measurable auditory thresholds in the low-mid frequencies. All patients had intraoperative
compound action potentials measured to assess cochlear function during surgery. In those patients surgery was
modified according to the intraoperative feedback. Monitoring cochlear function provides real-time feedback to
the surgeon during CI surgery providing objective data to modify his or her surgical technique in ways that can
improve the rate of short-term hearing preservation.