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Three years after cochlear implantation girl of 25 - case report
Jovanovic M. , Todorovic M. , Pavicevic V.R. , Lakovic-Tatar A.
Regional Hospital 'Danilo I', ENT, Cetinje, Montenegro
In Montenegro first CI was implanted 15.december 2008.y. in oldest hospital in Montenegro,``Danilo I`` in
At the beginning we implanted two patients:
1. Boy of 11 years who have prelingual defness.
2. Girl of 19 years (on left ear hearing was lost 2 years before implantation, and on the right year was gradual
loss of hearing -on that ear was operation of cholesteatoma).
3. Eight months later implanted was 60 years old man who lost his hearing on both ears three years prior to
Indications which we used:
Deafness on both ears for all patients
No usage of any hearing aid and complete incomprehensibility speech
Healthy middle ear
Porosity cochlea proven with CT and MRI
Good weighting electrostimulation hearing nerves
Positive Logopedi the Rehabilitation after the installation Cochlear implant
Valid psychological finding and psychiatrist
Regular findings for general anesthesia
Two years later were implanted five more case
 I patient: 3.5 years old girl, pre-lingually defness, wears two hearing aids 1.5 years. Biological
threshold of hearing about 80 dB, in the process of speech rehabilitation.
 II old boy nearly six years, pre-lingually defness, wears two hearing aids, in speech rehabilitation.
Biological hearing threshold above 70 dB.
 III boy younger than 3 months prior to the biological threshold of hearing about 80 dB.
 IV girls 9 years old, wears two hearing aids, the hearing threshold over 90 dB
 And the fifth patient is a girl of 25 years / patient which is our case report/,who has a hearing
impairment of their third year, and the last 5 years have a significant deterioration of hearing and
speech. Preoperative PTA was about 80 dB.
Preoperatively she was done ABR, ASSR, OAE, pure-tone audiometry, tympanometry and CT both temporal
bones with other preoperative diagnosis. For first three CI who were implanted the surgery approach was
mastoidectomia with timpanotomy posterior and for last five CI we used Veria technique. Due to congenital
anomaly of the left ear, it was decided to accede to cochlear implantation in her right ear. Since then it has been
almost a three years with daily exercising consistently girl started a job, hang out with friends who heard and
here´s what she and her mother that she was strong support for the rehabilitation of the road say about
everything. Three years after the installation of CI patient have PTA about 25 dB and Free Field Audiometry
75%. Andrea / girl who was operated on / at the last fitting she said: ´I thought I am lost before installation, and I
was disappointed when I turned on the implant because I did not understand what we are talking, but now I see
that I got a chance in life, how I look forward to the progress and effort that I made to be even better, "I will
finished with these words.