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Michael Vandiver
BME 281 Section 2
24th Sept. 2012
What is a Cochlear Implant ?
 A Cochlear Implant is a
small, surgically
inserted device that
connects to the inner
cochlea of the ear to
provide its user with a
sense of sound.
3 types of Deafness
Conductive Hearing Loss
2. Sensory Hearing Loss
3. Mixed Hearing Loss
Why is this device necessary ?
 Deafness is a known problem in society today and can
produce a lesser quality of life for the person with this
 This disability can be congenital, due to the aging
process of the human body, caused by high levels of
noise exposure, illnesses (such as the measles, mumps
or meningitis) or Neurological disorders (such as
multiple sclerosis or strokes).
How a Cochlear Implant Works
Current Technology
Risks and Disadvantages
 The procedure is very invasive and some effects of the
implantation are irreversible, such as a loss of natural
 Also, the procedure and maintenance of the device is
very expensive
Future of the Cochlear Implant
 A new product called the Electric Acoustic Stimulation
(EAS) is another answer to partial hearing loss/
deafness that combines the usefulness of hearing aids
with the highly technological cochlear implant to from
a hybrid between the two.
 The cochlear implant is heading in the direction of
becoming completely internal , as well as being
smaller and providing the user with a cleaner, clearer
and more natural experience of sound.
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