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Speech recognition of bimodal cochlear implant in elderly adults
Kim C. , Sa D. , Kwak S. , Choi J. , Park H.
Veterans Health Service Medical Center, Seoul, Korea, Republic of
Objective: To describe speech recognition performance in elderly adults with cochlear implantation when using
cochlear implant with hearing aid, and only a cochlear implant, and only a hearing aid on the non-implant ear.
Participants: Ten older adult was received cochlear implantation at the Seoul Veterans Hospital; all patients
have used cochlear implant with hearing aid on other side.
Methods: Each subject was tested on three listening conditions-individual device alone (single CI, or hearing aid
[HA] alone) and combined use of devices (CI + HA). The study of the main characteristics associated with CI
user was performed with speech assessment (monosyllabic word, bi-syllabic word and sentence test) at the 3, 6
and 12 month post-operative follow-up intervals.
Results: There were significant differences between the mean score of the bimodal at 6, 12 month test. In
patients implanted significant improvement in speech understanding was demonstrated in performance scores
using bi-syllabic words, sentences at 3, 6, and 12 months on three listening device conditions.
Conclusions: It showed speech recognition ability of only HA listening condition was higher than other
conditions at 3 month, but significant improvement was showed in auditory performance tests at 6, 12 month
combined use of CI + HA condition.