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WS3 "Binaural hearing with electric stimulation – the “Munich Center for
NeuroSciences – Brain and Mind" session"
Binaural cochlear implant: Models and issues
Colburn S.
University Boston, Hearing Research Center and Biomedical Engineering Department, Boston, United States
Modeling work that describes neural responses to stimulation from binaural cochlear implants will be presented
and reviewed. Issues that are addressed include the adaptive shunting of low-threshold potassium channels, the
loss of binaural synchrony in stimulation of binaural neurons, and the consequences of weak interaural
sensitivity. Single-neuron models are used to describe measured responses to electrical stimulation at multiple
levels within the ascending auditory pathway. The resulting neural patterns are interpreted in terms of their ability
to code useful binaural information. Effects of stimulation parameters on perceptual ability to make use of
binaural information will also be discussed.