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Rehabilitation of children with single side deafness after cochlea implantation
Scholz S. , Battmer R.-D. , Ernst A. , Olze H. , Gräbel S.
Heartherapy Center Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany, 2Hospital of Ear, Nose and Neck, UKB Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 3Institut of Phoniatry and
Audiology, Charité Campus Virchow, Berlin, Germany
In the context of expansion of CI-indication criteria cochlea implantation of children with single side deafness
(SSD) is increasingly getting into focus. The promotion of these children represents a new rehabilitative
challenge. In following study we present case reports to illustrate the rehabilitational promotions and support this
new patient group. We will clarify therapeutical possibilities and new training approaches which meet the special
requirements of these young patients. Three children with pre- and postlingual deafness are introduced.
Trainings approaches which serve the promotion of the hearing development are presented by video examples.
Furthermore we will present possibilities but also problems of the audiological follow-up. We will close with an
evaluation how far our single sided CI-children benefit from the cochlea implantation. Therefore we analyze
speech audiometric comparison data as well as questionnaires. In summary we do see a benefit in CI-supply for
single side deaf children analogue to adults SSD patients. The presented study show first results which can
serve as a basis for further examinations.