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Nucleus 6 Hybrid Sound processor in patients with residual hearing
Götze A.R. , Battmer R.D. , Todt I. , Wagner F. , Rüpping N. , Ernst A.
Hörtherapiezentrum Potsdam im Oberlinhaus, Potsdam, Germany, 2Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 3Hörtherapiezentrum
Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany, 4Hörpunkt im Oberlinhaus, Potsdam, Germany
Cochlear Implant (CI) patients with a common electrode and residual hearing within the low frequency range
before and after surgery can benefit from an additional acoustic component. Aim of the study is, to investigate
the benefit from Nucleus 6 Hybrid Sound processor for experienced CI users with residual hearing. The Nucleus
6 Hybrid Sound processor can deliver electrical as well as acoustic stimulation in the low frequency range via an
acoustic component on the same ear. The improvement in speech understanding and the correlation between
the degree of residual hearing and the benefit was determined. Additionally a CI sound processor added with a
conventional in-ear hearing aid was tested. After four weeks the speech comprehension in quit and in noise was
analyzed. First results show that there is an improvement in speech understanding for the combination of CI
sound processer and conventional hearing aid as well as for Nucleus 6 Hybrid Sound processor. It becomes
apparent that the improvement with the Hybrid sound processor is larger. Furthermore the degree of residual
hearing seems to affect the degree of improvement in speech understanding, though CI users with small residual
hearing benefit from the additional acoustic supply too.