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The Munich
Otologic Database - ENTstatistics, ©by innoForce Est
Kisser U. , Stelter K. , Uhl S. , Zeltinger V. , Visser D. , Polterhauer D. , Müller J.
Klinikum Großhadern, München, Germany
Introduction: Objective results in otology are easy to achieve and measureable in most cases. However,
reliable data of the surgical outcome (mostly audiometric data) and the exact surgical procedure (i.e. which
prosthesis) is crucial for surgical benchmarking. An almost 100% follow up rate is as desirable as a standardized
audiometric protocol. Hence, an easy access and user-friendly otologic database is mandatory for the faithful ear
surgeon. The ENTstatistics database designed by innoForce is such a tool.
Material and methods: All middle ear surgeries with all follow up examinations of the past four years were
retrospectively included in the database. Every hearing test created with the Avantgarde 4.0 audiometry software
(Ingenieur Nuess) at Campus Großhadern and Innenstadt is automatically migrated to the new Munich
Otologic Database.
Results: The various possibilities of analysis and benchmarking will be demonstrated live and directly in the
session in real time. Tough and unvarnished data will be shown to all different kinds of middle ear surgeries and
different prosthesis. A vivid discussion is expected about the sense and non-sense of quality management in ear