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Cochlear implants, complications in Oman
Al Lawati A. , Al Khabori M. , Kumar S.
Al Nahdha Hospital Moh, Department of ENT, Hamria, Oman
Cochlear implant program started in Oman in 2000 when the first CI was perform, the aim of the study to
highlight the complicated as well the complication we went through during this period.
The number of Cochlear Implant tell 2013, Was limited as the cost of the implant was taken by the patient or
some civilian society, since 2005 we have performed more than 250 implants majority by MED-EL. Majority of
our patient are children 90% and adult mainly post lingual. We have success rate of 82% in hearing post op. We
encountered several complications during our implants like bleeding, infections, Failure of implantation, skin
necrosis, diverted electrodes and facial nerve palsy