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The value of a preoperative planning for Vibrant Bonebridge implantation
Todt I. , Thomas J. , Dazert S. , Frenzel H. , Wollenberg B. , Zahnert T. , Ernst A. , Beleites T.
Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 2Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Bochum, Germany, 3Universität Lübeck, Lübeck, Germany,
Universität Dresden, Dresden, Germany
Introduction: The vibrant bonebridge is the first bone conductive system with an subcutanous actuator. Since
the actuator (B-FMT) related to its specific size can cause a conflict with temporal structures (sinus sigmoideus,
dura , brain) a preoperative planning of the positioning of the B- FMT can make sense. The aim of the present
study was to compare the amount of conflict with temporal structures in cases of non- software supported
positioned B-FMT´s and cases with software supported positioned B- FMT`s in the temporal bone.
Material and methods: In 4 patients the postoperative CT scan implanted with a B- FMT was evaluated and the
amount of conflict was estimated and compared with a virtual software supported positioning of the B- FMT . The
amount of conflict was calculated and compared.
Results: In all 4 cases a significant reduction or complete prevention of conflicting situations with the sinus
sigmoideus or the dura of the middle fossa could be achieved.
Discussion: Preoperative planning of B-FMT positioning allows a reduction or prevention of conflicting