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Accelerated Biology – Evolution Study Guide
Questions to guide your studying:
Make a chart describing the differences in Darwin’s and Lamarck’s Theories of Evolution.
Who did Darwin agree with concerning natural selection and evolution?
Why were Darwin’s ideas controversial?
What does “survival of the fittest” describe?
What is “fitness” of an organism?
Where does genetic variation come from in us and other animals?
If several different species of bird had major genetic similarities, we could conclude that they share a
_________ __________.
8. What is a vestigial structure?
9. What is “descent with modification” and how does it fit in with current evolutionary theory?
10. Explain what a gene pool is.
11. What is a mutation?
12. List and describe 3 ways that natural selection can change the distribution of phenotypes in a species
(hint: remember the bell curve and the ways it can change!)
13. Which type of selection from the previous question can result in speciation?
14. What are the requirements to be a species?
15. What is the “founder effect”?
16. Describe Genetic Drift.
17. Make a chart listing and describing thoroughly the 3 types of reproduction isolation.
18. What is a fossil?
19. Describe some characteristics of the early Earth (pre-life).
20. Explain the purpose of the experiment conducted by Miller and Urey.
21. Explain the Endosymbiont Theory (the theory of how eukaryotic cells arose).
22. List some evidence for the Endosymbiont Theory.
23. What were the first organisms on Earth most like?
24. What is coevolution?
25. What is adaptive radiation of species?
26. What is convergent evolution? Give a creative example.
27. What is the difference between natural selection and artificial selection?
28. What does “homologous structures” mean?