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Learning Task – Darwinian Evolution
In order to satisfactorily complete this unit, devise a way that will help you gain
knowledge and understanding about the following:
artificial selection
common descent
struggle for existence
natural selection
natural variation
vestigal organ
homologous structure
survival of the fittest
 Describe the pattern Darwin observed amongst organisms of the
Galapagos Islands.
 State how Hutton & Lyell described geologic change.
 Identify how Lamarck thought species evolve.
 Describe Malthus’s theory of population growth.
 Explain how natural variation is related to species fitness.
 Describe evidence Darwin used to present his theory of evolution.
 State Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection.
My plan to meet the objectives above is
My goal is to earn a rubric score of ________.
1 – I remember learning it, but not very well
2 – I sort of understand it, especially with help
3 – I understand it
4 – I can explain it to someone else so well they would understand it