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Name: ______________________
Throwback Thursday #4 – (LS.2, LS. 3)
All living things are made of cells.
Cells carry out all of life’s functions and processes.
All cells come from other cells.
What are the previous statements collectively referred to as? Cell theory
2. What scientific instrument has led to the development of the cell theory? microscope
3. What process creates new cells for growth and repair through cell division that are
identical to the parent cell? Mitosis
4. What process creates reproductive (sex) cells that carry half the genetic material of the
parent cell? Meiosis
5. What are the phases of the cell cycle (the life cycle of the cell)?
Interphase àMitosis à cytokinesis
6. What are the steps in mitosis?
prophase àmetaphaseà anaphaseàtelephase
7. What is an organism made of one cell called? unicellular
8. What is an organism made of many cells called? multicellular
9. What is the ability of the cell membrane to block some substances, but allow others to
pass into the cell?
Selective permeability (semi-permeable)
10. Contrast osmosis and diffusion?
-Osmosis is the passive movement of water across a cell membrane
-Diffusion is the passive movement of substances other than water across a cell