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The chaos created by the Climate Liars of Copenhagen who say Global
Temperatures Are "Accelerating" and Human Induced Carbon
Dioxide emissions are the cause, will force Panama to reconsider the
Future of the Republic:
Now that the U.N. climate conference fiasco is over, few will admit to the primary
reason for the failure: that the global warming science was bogus and climate lies
perpetuated the fraud.
Climategate exposed the fraudulent side of climate science, but that didn't keep the
likes of Obama, Gore, Pachauri, Pelosi, Hugo Chavez, Secretary-General Ban Kimoon, and thousands of others, from repeating the same global warming lies that were
a result of bogus/fraudulent science. In the end, these same leaders knew that the
catastrophic global warming scenarios were based on deceit and lies, thus there was
no true scientific reason to solve a fabricated climate crisis.
As the U.S. climate agency data reveals below, "accelerated warming" is a flat-out lie.
(click on image to enlarge)
Global temperatures have increased since 1880, but there is no way to interpret
accurately that global temperatures are "accelerating." And, if the warming bias
adjustments made by the climate research agencies are removed (see thin blue curve)
then the actual temperature increase since 1880 has been very modest. In addition, if
one examines various regional temperature readings from the 1820's, it becomes
evident that global temperatures in the early 19th century, for the world's northern
hemisphere, were warmer than our modern, late 20th century temperatures. Satellite
based temperature measurements show the world is cooling.
So what about the role of Carbon Dioxide and humanity burning fossil fuels like coal
and abiotic fuels like oil and gas and the frequently discussed “Greenhouse Effect”
that would be responsible for Anthropogenic Global Warming?
According to the computer models of the UN IPCC carbon dioxide would be
responsible for capturing the outgoing radiation, thus heating the planet. Most
significant in this regard is the finding of Professor Richard Lindzen from MIT, who
actually measured the earth’s outgoing radiation for the passed fifteen years. He found
that when the surface temperature increases, the outgoing radiation increases as well.
(Lindzen&Choi 2009) This report ends the Global Warming scare.
It means that there is no scientific reason NOT to burn coal, oil and gas.
Professor Lindzen’s report very well underlines all the other false claims because
contrary to many public statements:
1. Global hurricane, cyclonic and major storm activity is near 30-year lows.
2. Polar bears have survived and thrived over periods of extreme cold and extreme
warmth over hundreds of thousands of years - extremes far in excess of modern
temperature changes.
3. The 2009 minimum Arctic ice extent was significantly larger than the previous two
years. The 2009 Antarctic maximum ice extent was significantly above the 30-year
average. There are only 30 years of records because we launched our first observation
satellites in 1979.
4. Rate and magnitude of sea level changes observed during the last 100 years are
within normal historical ranges. Current sea level rise is tiny and, at most, justifies a
prediction of perhaps ten centimeters rise in this century.
Sometimes in the future, some 100 to 150 years from now, we need viable
alternatives for fossil coal and abiotic oil and gas but the current alternative
technologies don’t bring the performance we need and they are too costly. Wind
energy will not allow us to produce steel, aluminum, cement or glass and it doesn’t
deliver it’s promised output like Spain, Denmark and Germany found out, nor did the
it deliver the expected number of jobs.
The agricultural production of bio-fuels will compete with food production and our
remaining natural forests and create the danger of devastating famines all over the
third world. Think of the food riots last year.
Any legislated reduction in energy use or significant increase in cost will severely
harm the global economy and force a massive reduction in the standard of living in
the world. Panama, heavily depending on the development of the tourism industry and
the global distribution system could be hit hard by such legislation.
It must be clear that the fabricated crises of Climate Change only serves a political
goal of the UN to tax and cease centralized control over the world’s financial markets,
it’s banks, the free market, it’s resources, it’s energy systems and total control over
humanity and it’s future, all in support of the UN Agenda 21.
Therefore it would be a welcome decision if the Government of Panama would plot
it’s own independent future and steer away from any UN agreement that jeopardizes
the sovereignty of the Republic and the well being and prosperity of it’s people.
The energy future of Panama therefore should be reconsidered and in my opinion this
future lies with geothermal power generation and natural gas for electricity
production, LPG bi-fuel and dual fuel for automotive applications and generators
(cleaning the exhaust emissions from gasoline and diesel engines), as the most
effective means to clean up the city air and lower the electricity bills.
Here also lie the biggest opportunities for job creation, technology development and
export opportunities.
Ron de Haan