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Immune System
By Kevin Cantu
Kevin Li
Definition of Immune System
 Protect
your body from diseases
 Protected by White Blood Cell
 Body system of organs, tissues, cells,
and cell products
You can get a
vaccination that
protects you from
An antigen is any
substance that elicits
an immune response,
from a virus to a sliver
Parts of the Immune System
Fluid System of the body
There are two main fluid systems in the body: blood and lymph.
Innate Immunity System
Immunity that occurs naturally as a result of a person's genetic
constitution or physiology and does not arise from a previous
infection or vaccination.
Phagocytes- a cell that attracts adheres to, engulfs, and ingests
foreign bodies
Adaptive and Acquired Immunity System
Come in two major types: B cells and T cells.
B Cell----------T Cell
B cells
produced in the stem cells of the bone
marrow; they produce antibody and oversee
humoral immunity
T cells
non-antibody-producing lymphocytes which
are also produced in the bone marrow but
sensitized in the thymus and constitute the
basis of cell-mediated immunity.
White Blood Cell
Role in fighting attacking
Ingest microbes, other cells and foreign particles
Killer T-cell
Kill the body’s own cells that between invaded by
the viruses or bacteria. Prevents the bug from
Helper T-cell
Stimulate the b cells to make antibodies, and help
killer cells develop.
Supressor T-cell
Emerge from the wilderness bearing surface
React against invading bacteria or viruses by
taking proteins called antibodies.
How does Aids effect immune
Aids is sexually transmitted disease. It
turns off the immune system. Once the
system is off, disease will easily get into
your body.