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NPTEL – Biotechnology – Cellular and Molecular Immunology
Mid course examination (10 points each total 100 points)
(Answer any 10) Draw diagram wherever needed
1. What are different cells of immune system? Explain the difference between naïve and
effector lymphocyte.
2. What is adaptive immunity? Give three differences between humoral and cell
mediated immune response.
3. What is passive immunity? Discuss the differences between active and passive
4. What are memory cells? Why they are important component of a host immune
5. What do you mean by monoclonal antibody? Explain their uses.
6. What do you mean by epitope? Discuss the differences between affinity and avidity
of an antigen antibody reaction.
7. Discuss different features of peptide-MHC interaction. Draw diagram of a MHC class
I or II molecule.
8. What are T cell and B cell receptors? Draw a schematic diagram of T cell receptor.
9. Explain the positive and negative selection of lymphocyte.
10. What are co-stimulatory molecules? Explain their role in T cell activation.
11. Discuss the CD40-CD40L interaction during T cell activation and differentiation.
12. Discuss the differences between T dependent and T independent antigens.
Bonus Questions (20 points each)
1. Which is more primitive, innate immunity or adaptive immunity? Justify.
2. What are dendritic cells? How they are processing any foreign antigen?
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