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Impact of National Communications
on Process of Integrating Climate Change
into National Development Policies
UNFCCC Workshop on Exchange of Experiences
and Good Practices among NAI Countries
in Preparing National Communications
20-22 September 2007, Cairo, Egypt
Yamil Bonduki
UNDP-GEF Adaptation
0 0
Numerous entry points can be identified for linkages between
SNC and development priorities
Strategy for policy-relevant SNC
1. Agree SNC objectives/outcomes
2. Focus scope of work
3. Engage stakeholders early
4. Build from technical knowledge base
5. Communicate results
6. Identify business case
7. Measure impacts
UNDP-GEF Adaptation
1 1
Mainstreaming the SNC makes the process sustainable
1. SNC objectives/outcomes
Explore ways to facilitate mainstreaming of SNC process
into government agenda
• Objective: seek to contribute to policy changes
• Outcome: highlight short- and long-term policy strategies
• Establish system at beginning of SNC process to create
policy dialogue and pursue political buy-in
UNDP-GEF Adaptation
2 2
Thematic studies should focus on national priorities
2. Focus scope of work
Revisit scope of studies to ensure linkages of outputs to
development planning
• Use ToR that specifically address policy issues for each
thematic area of SNC
• Ensure V&A and mitigation studies are consistent with
development needs (focusing on areas more likely to
influence decision making)
• Conversely, studies may be explicitly driven by changes in
policy that address development and V&A/mitigation
UNDP-GEF Adaptation
3 3
Find follow-up opportunities to keep stakeholders engaged
3. Engage stakeholders early
Establish system at beginning of SNC process to create
policy dialogues and pursue political buy-in
• Document stakeholder engagement process, and include
follow-up activities
• Identify actions to facilitate adoption of results as a key
feature of SNC process
UNDP-GEF Adaptation
4 4
Making technical studies policy-relevant is key for
encouraging broader interest and dissemination
4. Build from technical knowledge base
Promote policy-oriented studies that expand upon traditional
technical assessments and focus on what is important
• Identify current practices and trends that enhance
vulnerability and/or increase GHG emissions
• Keep research simple, but relevant - complex studies are
not necessarily required
• Emphasise socio-economics assessments as a key
element of V&A and mitigation assessments
UNDP-GEF Adaptation
5 5
Communicating the results of the SNC will help stimulate
public awareness
5. Communicate results
Establish effective communications around SNC results and
process to encourage greater policy dialogue
• Highlight policy-relevant issues within the SNC to raise
government, media and public awareness
• At least one SNC outcome to clearly communicate policy
decisions needed for adoption of appropriate measures in
short- and long-term
UNDP-GEF Adaptation
6 6
Climate change can be used as a cross-cutting policy tool
for sustainable development
6. Identify business case
Identify the risks that climate change poses to national
development goals and the opportunities for reducing risks
• Link climate change to macro-economic measures in SNC
• Use SNC to identify governance & policy and incentive
• Link V&A studies to disaster risk management activities
UNDP-GEF Adaptation
7 7
Demonstrating impacts of SNC
7. Measure impacts
Desing criteria to demonstrate impacts of the SNC process
and outcomes
Two options:
• Level 1: At the end of SNC, countries would be able to
demonstrate a"minimum" level of impacts of the SNC
• Level 2: countries may adopt a more"ambitious" strategy
to demonstrate policy changes at the national or sectoral
level to address CC concerns through the SNC process
UNDP-GEF Adaptation
8 8
Demonstrating impacts of SNC
Measure impacts: Level 1
•Number of experts trained, and specific outcomes from training activities
•Number of technical publications and articles published
•Changes in education curriculum to include climate change
•Number of stakeholders involved and roles played
•Number of institutions actively involved in climate change activities as a
result of the SNC
•Number of policy dialogues carried out under the SNC
•Number of relevant projects, programmes, activities developed as a
result of the SNC
UNDP-GEF Adaptation
9 9
Demonstrating impacts of SNC
Measure impacts: Level 2
Incorporation of CC concerns into national development priorities
- Concrete references to climate change and strategies in relevant
national development initiatives
- Number of decision makers and other relevant stakeholders bringing
climate change into their areas of work
- Changes in legislation or specific regulations to address climate
change at national or local levels
- Concrete efforts to address climate change at a broader level,
for instance joint initiative to address climate risks management and
UNDP-GEF Adaptation
Demonstrating impacts of SNC
Measure impacts: Level 2
Incorporation on CC concerns into sectoral and local planning
- Appropriation by economic/social sectors of specific outcomes, e.g.
GHG inventory systems, mitigation measures, adaptation options.
-Adoption of climate change criteria in sectoral planning or
decision making
- Incorporation of climate change initiatives at the local level
Mainstreaming CC concerns into UN relevant frameworks
- Incorporation of climate risk management into UN country
- Linkages between climate change and achievement of MDG Goal
UNDP-GEF Adaptation
Demonstrating impacts of SNC
Measure impacts: deliberate efforts
Some issues to consider for impacts measurement of SNC:
- Areas of impacts to target (public awareness, technical and
institutional capacity strengthening, policy advocacy, policy formulation,
education, follow-up projects, etc.)
- Scope of impact assessment, e.g. throughout formulation of SNC and/or
beyond the life of national communication (short/long term)
- Criteria (indicators?) to measure and/or demonstrate impacts
- Strategy to document progress and impacts
- Identification of “unintended” impacts that may result from the SNC
UNDP-GEF Adaptation