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Health and Climate Change in the WHO
European Region
Update on activities
7th EIONET workshop on
Climate Change Impacts
Gerardo Sánchez Martínez
European Centre for Environmental Health
World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe
Since 1989 the WHO Regional Office for
Europe is taking action
WHA 2013
new workplan
on CC
Protecting health from climate change in an
environment challenged by climate change
1. Health in other policies
2. Strengthen health systems
3. Raise awareness
4. Greening health services
5. Research, innovation, development
The CGS programme within WHO EURO
• Climate Change: adaptation and mitigation;
research, tools, country work, policy
• Green health services: environmental
sustainability in health systems (Ibidem)
• Sustainable development: mainstreaming of
health in SD policies, inclusion of
environmental considerations in health
Seven country initiative
The project aims at protecting health from climate change by addressing
adaptation, strengthening health systems and building institutional capacity.
Public health management of heat-waves
Climate change: prevention of health effects of
flooding (Report and guideline development)
-in -the-who-europeanregion
A toolkit to estimate health and adaptation
costs related to climate change
The manual:
•Step by step
The spreadsheet:
•Visual aid to support user
•Simplicity and transparency
•Avoid unneeded complexity
Ongoing (I): current participation in EUfunded research
• “Climate, Environment and Health Action Plan
and Information System” (CEHAPIS)
• Reconciling Adaptation, Mitigation and
Sustainable Development for Cities
• Quantifying projected impacts under 2°C
warming (IMPACT2C)
Ongoing (II)
• Multi-agency initiative to develop guidelines
for sustainable procurement of health goods
and services
• Environmentally sustainable health care
• Energy and health links report
• Information sheets on public health prevention
in EWEs
Ongoing (III)
• Assessment report on implementation of
Parma commitments
• Country profiles on climate change and health
• Reviews and information sheets on emerging
climate-sensitive threats (E.g. Dengue)
• Multiple collaborations and support to
institutions, processes (UNFCCC, IPCC, EEA,
EC, UNDP, ...)
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