Download ACHAEAN- One of two prokaryote domains that includes organisms

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ACHAEAN- One of two prokaryote domains that includes organisms with different plasma membranes and
ribosomes than bacteria
BACTERIA- One of two prokaryote domains that includes organisms with different plasma membranes and
ribosomes than archaeans
BIOLOGY- the study of life, living things, and the components and systems that maintain life
CELL- basic unit of all life; an organized system of biological molecules enclosed by a membrane that separates
the contents of the membrane from its surroundings
CELL THEORY- one of the most fundamental concepts of biology which states: 1.) All living things are
composed of cells. 2.) Cells are the basic unit of structure and function in living things. and 3.) New cells are
produced from existing cells.
CYTOPLASM- gel-like material inside cells
NUCLEUS- membrane-bound organelle which contains genetic material
DNA- deoxyribonucleic acid; genetic material passed on from one generation to the next
EUKARYOTE- cells that have cytoplasm, a cell membrane, and a nucleus
GOLGI APPARATUS- a membrane-bound organelle composed of stacks of membranous sacks that modify and
aid in the transport of proteins to their intended destinations
MITOCHONDRION- membrane-bound organelle that releases energy
ORGANELLE- specialized structure that performs important cellular functions in cells
PLASMA MEMBRANE- a thin flexible layer around cells that makes the border between the cell and the
outside environment
PROKARYOTE- cells without nuclei. Include bacteria and archaea; first form of life on earth based on fossil
RIBOSOME- the organelle where proteins are made
ROUGH ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM- a membrane-bound organelle that transports proteins
SMOOTHENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM- a membrane-bound organelle that makes lipids
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