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Due to the dynamic development of our company we are looking for a:
Marketingcommunication (MarCom) Specialist
Sales Support (flyers & POS materials, regional campaigns)
Online marketing: content creation (text, pics, videos), social media, SEM (SEO/SEA), performance
measurement (Google Analytics), web care
Liaison towards external parties such as media, advertisement agencies, print shops
Commercial state-of-mind (sales/marketing)
Great organizational talent (getting things done, execution power, independent, deadlines)
Proven copy writing skills
Good feel for art direction/DTP
Good negotiator
Experience in the Energy business would be an advantage
SEO experience would be an advantage
Project examples
Developing and executing the annual Marketing Calendar
Creating POS materials and initiating local campaigns to support our d2d sales force
Sales campaigns for new products (flyers, landing pages, fullfilment)
Content creation (text, articles, visuals, videos) for our website and social media channels
Key words analysis and other SEO-related activities
Developing and maintaining an effective Loyalty Program
Job offer
Challenging job in a very dynamic company and market
International working environment, hard work and a lot of fun
Many opportunities to develop yourself within the marketing/commercial discipline
Competitive salary
Please include the following statement: "I hereby authorize you to process my personal data included in
the job offer for the recruitment process, in accordance with the Law of 29.08.1997 on the protection of
personal data, Dz. Nr.133, poz. 883"