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JOB TITLE: Marketing Manager
LINE MANAGER: Head of Sales, Operations and Customer Service
DATE: January 2016
Company Description
Cawleys (part of the F & R Cawley Group) was established 68 years ago and has since grown
into the largest regional commercial waste management and recycling company in the Herts,
Beds, Bucks & Northants area. The basis behind our growth and success is down to our strong
commitment to a foundation of financial strength, operating excellence and professionalism.
Cawleys is a proactive recycling and waste management company continually looking at new
opportunities and investments to divert waste streams away from landfill towards more
commercial and environmental solutions. These assets enable Cawleys to offer a full range of
environmental waste collection and recycling services to over 5000 industrial and commercial
Role Purpose
 To take ownership for developing the company’s marketing strategy and execution
 To work alongside the management team to increase the brand awareness of the
company both internally and externally.
 To drive traffic to the Company website through selected marketing, SEO, PR, Press,
social media, and content marketing.
 Deliver and demonstrate our Company values:
Key Responsibilities
Marketing, PR and brand awareness
 Create, maintain and update the annual marketing plan.
 Provide ideas and input on new areas of marketing, collaborations, promotions,
awards etc.
 Provide ideas on how to increase awareness of the company brand through
marketing and PR campaigns.
 Use Google Analytics and other measurement tools to report on all activity related to
the website.
Community Management & Social Media
Liaise with PR agency to update all social media channels.
Maintain and update press and news sections of company websites.
Manage online company newsletters.
Prepare company brochures and marketing material for print.
General responsibilities include:
Produce inventive marketing plans.
Responsible for organising all internal and external marketing and promotional
Write copy for online and offline channels, including email, PR, social media, company
brochures, and any external facing marketing.
Create and maintain relationships with external partners, media agencies, and
Develop and execute marketing campaigns.
Ensure tracking of all marketing activity is effective.
Providing reports on efficiency of campaigns and recommend improvements.
Monitor marketing budgets set by the Managing Director.
Skills, Qualifications & Experience
 Good understanding of SEO and experience with SEO tools for auditing, rankings,
 Excellent knowledge of Google Analytics, and other analytics platforms.
 Solid skills in content writing for online and social, with an eye for stand-out content.
 Highly proficient in social media tools.
 Ambitious and willing to push the boundaries of digital communication.
 Ability to prioritise and organise a varied and full workload.
 Ability to present data clearly.
 Knowledge of popular graphics applications is desirable.
 Friendly, positive, confident and motivated, and enjoys working within a fast pace
environment with multi-faceted creative team.
 Communicative, personable and eloquent, with an excellent grasp of the English
language, fluent both written and spoken.
 Marketing experience within a recent, similar role (essential)
 Organisational and time management skills
 Good at information seeking and handling
 Able to manage multiple tasks
 Strong relationship building skills
Personal Qualities
Attention to detail
Flexible and proactive attitude
Lively and friendly persona
Ability to work on your own and self-manage wisely to the benefit of the company
whilst being a team player
 ‘Can do’ attitude both internal and external
 Ability to think quickly, problem solve and make decisions
 Commercial awareness
Salary dependent on experience
24 hours per week – flexibility on days and times split over 3 full days or 5 shorter days
Childcare vouchers