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location of genetic material
Dec 2­1:49 PM
Changes in Genetic Material
your chromosomes are made up of genes which are considered your genetic material
sometimes a cell's genetic information can change which will result in a mutation
mutations can often result in problems for the organism involved because it results in a change in DNA structure
there can however be good mutations
Dec 2­1:50 PM
­ cartoon mutations are different then real life mutation
not a real mutation
mutations are changes
in the order of the parts of a gene
real mutations are
caused by mutagens
Dec 2­2:00 PM
a mutagen is a substance or factor that causes a mutation ­
there are usually two types of mutagen
(a) Nature
excessive sunlight (ultra­violet radiation can cause mutation in skin cells (skin cancer)
exposure to natural elements such as lead or mercury have been shown to cause mutations
Dec 2­2:09 PM
(b) Human Activity:
exposure to cigarette smoke, cleaning products, and industrial waste can cause mutations
the drug thalidomide was given to pregnant women in the 1950's and resulted in children born with missing limbs
radiation from nuclear technology can also l
ead to the development of cancerous tumors
Dec 2­2:20 PM
Skin cancer caused by excessive sunlight
(Natural causes)
Dec 2­2:25 PM
Mutation caused by thalidomide
(human caused mutation)
Dec 2­2:26 PM
Positive and Negative Mutations
Examples of positive mutation:
some individuals carry a mutated gene which allows them to resist the HIV virus
some plants have developed resistance to bacteria and fungal infections
Examples of negative mutation:
sickle cell anemia changes the shape of red blood cells so that they do not carry adequate amounts of oxygen
cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease causing a build up of mucus in the lungs and respiratory system
Dec 2­2:47 PM
Pages 122 ­ 130
Page 131: #'s 3,4,5,7,10,12,13,15
Thalidomide Effects:
Dec 2­2:53 PM
Other Mutation Examples:
Tree Man:
Girl With Two Faces:
Genetic Mutations:
Dec 10­8:47 AM