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10.2 wks
Period _____________
De Stigter
Use the following terms in the blanks below. You may use these choices more than once…
Sex cells
point mutation
_______________1. In this type of gene mutation, an extra nucleotide is added.
_______________2. Some of these may play a role in causing the different types of cancer.
_______________3. A substitution occurs and one nucleotide is substituted for another.
_______________4. In this type of gene mutation, a nucleotide is left out.
_______________5. This causes such a small change in polypeptide structure that it may be able to
function normally, or near normally.
_______________6. These are some of the environmental factors, such as radiation, high temperature,
and a variety of chemicals, that cause mutations.
_______________7. Many of these exert their effect by breaking chemical bonds of DNA or by causing
unusual bonds to form.
_______________8. This is the site in which a mutation must occur in order to affect the organism’s
Complete the following paragraph…
Although the cell cycle usually results in the production of normal cells, sometimes
______________, or cancerous, cells are produced. Because almost any ________________ can
become malignant, there are many forms of cancer.
_________________ changes cause normal cells to be transformed to malignant ones. When
such _________________ occur, normal cell-cycle controls no longer operate. The mutations may be
inherited, or they may be triggered by a(n) ____________________. When a gene mutates, it becomes
a cancer causing gene called a(n) ______________________. Because mutations are passed on,
descendent cells ______________ the oncogene, and a tumor forms.
Some _________________ may cause cancer because their presence in animal cells disrupts the
function of normal genes. The can also cause cancer if they carry an oncogene into an animal cell,
where it _____________________ the normal events of the cell cycle.
Chapter 10 Vocabulary – Extra Credit
Unscramble and define the terms below.
5. engariccon
6. inopt nitotaum
8. oncel
10. starntilano
11. senitrino