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By Amb. Cecilia B. Rebong
Permanent Representative
to the UN and Other International
Organizations in Geneva
1. The Secretariat is based in Geneva.
2. Geneva is home to several UN bodies and
international organizations.
1. Two resolutions about climate change
focusing on the right to health (2015) and the
rights of children (2016)
2. Resulting events include the following:
- a breakfast debate
- participation in three high-level panel
- launching of an analytical study to, among
other objectives, explore climate change and
the SDGs
1. The WHO has existing work on climate
change, especially as it relates to the health
impacts of air pollution.
2. Some points raised during the panel
discussion on health and climate change on
the margins of the World Health Assembly in
May 2016:
- the Paris Agreement as the biggest
international health agreement
- need to integrate climate change in all
policy levels
- 23% of global deaths can be linked to
climate change
- vector-borne and water-borne diseases
- damage to infrastructure
- air pollution
- malnutrition
- mental health of both victims and rescuers
- mitigation and adaptation
3. Second Global Conference on Health and
Climate, Paris, 7-8 July 2016
1. A panel discussion and the launch of a
study on the impacts of heat in the
workplace in April 2016
Experts agree on the inherent link between
climate change and labor: health risks and
injuries are common in Asia, Africa and Latin
America; some of the most affected sectors
are agriculture, manufacturing and
construction; potential productivity loss is
2. A high-level lunch dialogue on the margins of
the International Labor Conference in May
For the Philippines, those most at risk are
also the most susceptible to extreme poverty.
Several policies have been enacted to
address this.
1. According to the IOM:
- Quantifying the relationship between climate
change and migration and displacement is
difficult; and
- Populations most vulnerable to climate
change were the same ones who have no
capability of leaving and seeking better
2. Roundtable participation during the World
Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul in May
CVF supported the invitation for IPCC to
provide a special report in 2016
1. Agriculture – FAO, WFP, UN Convention to
Combat Desertification, International Fund
for Agricultural Development
2. Education – UNESCO, UNICEF, UN University
3. Gender – UN Entity for Gender Equality and
the Empowerment of Women, UNESCO,
4. Tourism – World Tourism Organization
5. Water – UN Water, WMO, UNEP
1. Continuous need to enhance coordination
2. Continuous need to ensure transparency
3. Funding issues