Download Public Relations and Strategic Communication Courses Fall 2016

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Updated 4/20/2016
Public Relations and Strategic Communication Courses
Fall 2016
COMM-105 Visual Literacy
COMM-310 Public Speaking
COMM-330 Principles of Photography
COMM-490 Independent Study
COMM-491 Senior Professional Internship
COMM-496-002 Selected Topics: Playful City
COMM-521 Opinion Writing
COMM-542 Media Relations
COMM-567 Communication and Social Change
COMM-359 Decisive Moments in Communication
COMM-365 Digital Media and Culture
COMM-401 Communication Law
COMM-420 Topics in News Media: Intro to Media Entrepreneurship
COMM-481 Entertainment Communication
COMM-489 Comm, Culture & Environment
COMM-490 Independent Study
COMM-496-001 Strategic Communication & Events Management
COMM-509 Politics and the Media
COMM-514 Censorship and the Media
COMM-579 Political Advertising
HNRS-396-003H Presidential Campaign 2016: Inside the War Room and the News Room
Foreign Language and Communication Media: PRSC
COMM-560 Backpack Documentary (In Spanish)
*** Only approved for Foreign Language and Communication Media majors with Spanish and PRSC tracks.***