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September 15, 2016
Chapter 2 – Motion
Section 1 – Describing Motion
Reference Point – starting position
Motion – change in an object’s position relative to a
reference point
Frame of Reference – a coordinate system in which the
position of the object is measured
> Graph
Glenco Physical Science 2012
September 15, 2016
Change in Position
Meter(m) – SI unit for distance
Distance – how far traveled
Displacement – the distance and direction of the object’s
change in position
Sample problem:
Steve runs 75 m west and then turns around and runs 50 m
east. How far is he from his starting point? How far did he
September 15, 2016
Adding Displacements
Always add head to tail...
Same direction
Opposite directions
Not same nor opposite
September 15, 2016
Speed – the distance an object travels per unit of time
A bike traveling at a constant speed covers a distance of
500m in 75s. What is the bike’s speed?
Constant speed – traveling the same rate for a given period
of time
Changing speed – speed varies over the trip
Average speed – total distance traveled divided by the total
Instantaneous speed – how fast the object is moving at a
single point in time
Mini lab page 48
September 15, 2016
Glenco Physical Science 2012
What is represented on the x-axis?
What is represented on the y-axis?
How is speed represented on this graph?
*Remember that a constant slope = a constant speed
September 15, 2016
P 47 # 1-3
P 50 # 6-10