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Two points discrimination – instruction for scientific writing
Data collection -10/1/2016
Rough draft can be submitted for review on 10/12/2016 and will be returned 0n 10/22/2016
Lab report due – 10/29/2016
This is a group project – you should work with your bench partners to complete all parts of the
You will submit one report per group
Lab report should be submitted typed in font size 12, line space 1.5 and uploaded to the via Canvas (one copy per group). Hard copy of the lab report should be
submitted in class on the due date – 10/29/2016
We collected data on 10/1/2016 and the entire data set is uploaded to the Canvas under
“files/Scientific writing - material and instructions”
The report should include the following parts:
1. Report name
2. detailed description of the experimental procedure and materials used. Use a format of bullet
points to describe it.
3. Results presentation as follows:
The data analysis should include the entire data set
You need to calculate averages and present it in table AND in graph (do not present
individual results)
Do not add any text to the results section – tables and graphs should be self-explanatory.
To achieve that, tables and graphs should be appropriately labeled.
4. Conclusions drawn from results (NOT DISCUSSION)