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Ch.15, 14-1 Review
Know the goal of the human genome project, what they discovered about human genome from
Know how DNA fingerprinting is used to help solve crimes
Know what recombinant DNA is, how it is made
Know what genetic engineering is, what it is used for, how bacteria can be used to make human
proteins, steps involved, examples of some proteins made
Know what cloning is, different types of cloning
Know what restriction enzymes are, what sticky ends are, how they are used in genetic
Know how cDNA is made
Know what probes are used for
Know how plasmids are used in genetic engineering
Know what southern blot technique is used for
Know what nondisjunction, polyploidy are
Know different types of chromosomal mutations
Know what trisomy is, how Down syndrome occurs
Know what a genome is
Know how the two cells were fused when Dolly the sheep was cloned
Know what process is used to separate molecules of different sizes
Know what a vector is, how it is used
Know what denaturation is